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It’s probably the most interesting and well thought out so far, I’m quite amazed that we are only a few days away from the opening match of the 2014 World Cup. Every single country and region has played their games by now, we have some idea how the competition is going to be, most of all we have seen how it’s all going to look like on TV. But how well do we really know about each individual team? And how well do we know about each individual player? Well, first of all I’d like to give you a little bit of historical knowledge: During the qualification processes for every World Cup, the best team of every continent will qualify, except for the European teams. So the European teams have the opportunity to play more games then the rest. Well, the Eurozone is the richest area in the world, and most of the countries in that zone play on a fulltime basis. So the qualification process is way faster then the other zones, but all teams are still playing the same amount of games. So we have the European teams in the first round, the World Cup 2010 was organized in South Africa, which gave the South African fans something to be happy about, and a warm feeling about the country. Also the World Cup 2014 is being played in Brazil, so Brazil has the home team advantage and it’s also easier to sell tickets in Brazil. The South African fans were happy about their team, and the lack of a chance of playing on home soil. The Dutch fans were left to pay for their team, because the Netherlands did not qualify for the tournament. They also didn’t even qualify for the Euro finals. Well, FIFA chose South Africa as a special case and the Dutch fans and the rest of the country have been furious about that. In some parts of South Africa, the Dutch team is hated. But the Dutch people are also famous for their huge support of their team, and for the thousands of Dutch fans who have come to all the games and to the World Cup village, to make sure the Dutch team will qualify. And they have been rewarded, the Dutch won their qualification. As far as the qualification process goes, I would really like to welcome you on the first so called “jöppis”. It is the qualification process for the World Cup for any sports team. The reason it’s called “jöppis” is because it’s





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CRACK Jeppview Cycle 0925

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